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Salad are a UK-based Indie Pop band formed in London, England in 1992 by Marijne van der Vlugt, Paul Kennedy, Pete Brown and Rob Wakeman. Always brilliantly odd and, some might say, lazily lumped in with that old Britpop scene.

But cast your mind back : Salad were clearly ahead of their time and maybe sometimes just a little bit misunderstood by certain sections of the music press. But, Hey- that might have happened to the Velvet Underground too.

They released hit album Drink Me in 1995 featuring singles Drink the Elixir and Motorbike to Heaven.

Some journalists got it, sprinkling Single of the Week and Single of the Month from the get-go. Others might have been side tracked by Marijne’s profile as an MTV VJ and a former model. Who knows. But all that doesn’t matter now as they are BACK.

After a period of dormancy, while they tended to their Geraniums, Salad reformed, but not necessarily as reformed characters…

A Salad UK tour with a smattering of Amsterdam thrown in is happening in April 2018, and a new Salad album is on the cards for Xmas 2018. Keep some space in your stockings.

But it all started in 2016 when Marijne went to see Paul do a solo gig, loved it, and felt she wanted to muscle in on the action, so she did. Luckily Paul was willing and Salad Undressed was born.


What is the difference between the bands Salad and Salad Undressed?

Salad Undressed are Paul and Marijne with Donald Ross Skinner (ex Julian Cope guitarist and producer).

They are releasing their album ‘Good Love Bad Love’ in April 2018 through PledgeMusic and Three Bean Records. At the same time they will release single ‘Evergreen’ as a free download single through PledgeMusic.

Good Love Bad Love is a lyric-led concept album celebrating love…good and bad. There’s yearning, positivity, power games, relationship break ups, paranoia.

See here for a taster of the album…

During the recording of Good Love Bad Love, hell froze over and the full Salad band got back together to play the Indie Daze Festival 2017 (with Donald taking over the drum role from Rob). They have a headlining tour set for April 2018, and a new Salad album planned for later in the year.

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