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Salad are a UK-based Indie-Prog band formed in London, England in 1992 by Marijne van der Vlugt, Paul Kennedy, Pete Brown and Rob Wakeman.

They released three Albums and toured extensively. Their first two singles came out on their own Waldorf label with subsequent releases on Island Records. The band started out as The Merry Babes but changed to Salad in 1992 when James Rodgers left the band and Pete Brown was recruited on bass. In 1997 Charley Stone joined the band as a live guitarist, keyboard player and backing vocalist.

Salad split in 1998 to pursue other interests. They have recently reformed and will be playing their first show in 19 years as part of The Indie Daze One Day Indie Festival @ the O2 Forum in London’s Kentish Town.

They will be playing their 90s hits, plus a few new numbers too. Fully electrically of course. All Salad members are on board, including Charley Stone (who joined Salad in 1997), but sadly not Rob, our drummer (writer of Drink The Elixir), however he hopes to contribute a song or two as they are planning a new album for 2018. Donald Ross Skinner (Julian Cope guitarist and producer of Salad’s last album Ice Cream, 1997), has joined the band on drums.

Simultaneously, Marijne and Paul from the band are performing as Salad Undressed and are recording an album ‘Good Love Bad Love’, to be released Winter 2017/2018.


What is the Difference between the Bands Salad and Salad Undressed?

Salad Undressed are guitarist Paul and singer Marijne from the 90s band Salad.

After 20-odd years of being in compete denial about ever reforming…Marijne and Paul found themselves in January 2016 finding the idea of going out on the road as a 2 piece, (just like they did in the late 80s as The Merry Babes), really quite appealing. They wanted to play the classic Salad hits and some rare B-sides and odd-scurities, acoustically. What to call themselves? The Merry Babes again? The MBs? Salad Unplugged? Ah yes…let’s pun the hell out of this one…Salad Undressed….

Salad Undressed are recording an album of new songs with Producer Donald Ross Skinner for release at the end of 2017. ‘Good Love Bad Love’ is available for Pre-Order on the PledgeMusic website.

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