Salad – Poor Peach


This is an unreleased demo recording in 1998.

In the Autumn of 2017 (20 years after album Ice Cream) Salad are releasing through PledgeMusic, a selection of tracks recorded to form what has now come to be known as their ‘Lost’ Album. These songs were written and recorded for a third studio album that never was.

Recorded on a 4-track Tascam cassette recorder in 1998.

It is accompanied by random photographic memories from Salad tours and recording sessions (mostly ‘Ice Cream’) between 1994-1998, featuring Salad band members: Marijne, Paul, Pete, Rob & Charley and some dear friends: Stacey, Nick, Shep, Dermot, Donald, Teo, Sheila, Mouldy, Raoul & Ingrid and bands/artists that we met along the way: Salt, Formula One, Catatonia, 100 Girls, Terry Hall, Brian Eno, a Chemical Bro & a Charlatan.

© Salad