The Selfishness of Love

9th November 2019
Three Bean Records


  1. The Selfishness of Love
  2. Sweet Depression Ballroom
  3. Cut and Cover (Instrumental)

About the recording

Salad’s first single since reforming in 2017. Recorded in July 2019 at Jonathan Clayton’s (Hurtling) One Cat Studio with vocals done at Marijne’s home just before she shot off on holiday with her son… Donald popped round, she was packing, she hates packing…so this was a welcome distraction…it’s got 2 extra tracks…2. also recorded at One Cat, and 3. found on a tape languishing at Paul’s’ home…

It was kept off their subsequent Album The Salad Way for reason only Paul can explain….something to do with completeness of sound of teh album and having moved on already and loving the stand alone single concept…cos that’s what the Beatles did…And Tom Robinson it turns out

Video made by band and Marijne’s ex husband Nic Tuft.


© Salad