The Salad Way

Salad - The Salad Way album
30th August 2019
Three Bean Records


  1. You Got The Job
  2. In The Dark
  3. Details
  4. Your Face
  5. Vadim’s Slipper
  6. Merryland
  7. Welcome To My World
  8. Don’t Expect Things Not To Be Scary
  9. Under The Wrapping Paper
  10. The Inside My Head
  11. Wayward Thinking
  12. Lovesick Energy
  13. Time To Escape

About the recording

Mojo 4****
“Funny, sharp and frequently surprising, it’s on brand, but deliciously off -grid”

Louder Than War 8/10
“Salad have straightened their cult crown and come back with an album which reminds you why you loved them and excites you for their next move.”

The Friendly Critic – Ngaire Ruth
“Fucking Salad what a stupid name for a band with such an impossible personality. You have to actually listen – it takes up all your thoughts and sexy bits and there’s no way getting off the whirlybird until someone takes your headphones off to ask if you want a cup of tea.”

Get In Her Ears – Ken Wynne
“This isn’t a record to appease existing herbivores; nor is it an attempt in Brit-pop revival. I doubt Marijne or the rest of the band really give a shit. Instead, The Salad Way is thirteen tracks of relentless post-punk infused with renewed collaborative creativity.” Salad

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