The Lost Album Vol. 2

30th August 2019
Three Bean Records


  1. Always in Flight
  2. Make Me Laugh
  3. Cherry Roller
  4. 300 Horses
  5. Lemonade
  6. Patient with a Special Radar
  7. Hey Pretty baby
  8. Legs
  9. My Golden Shoes
  10. Slow Motion Law Upholder
  11. The Morning Never Comes
  12. New Brothers
  13. Frozen
  14. Destination Earth
  15. We Should All Carry Pens
  16. Julius
  17. A Hole in the Sky
  18. Planet in the Ocean
  19. Five Hand Luke
  20. Peter’s Tour
  21. Traintrack Brace
  22. Let’s Go Sailing
  23. Tropical Island
  24. I Don’t Know How to Fly

About the recording

The Salad Lost Album Vol.2 (Recordings 1996-1998)

This is round 2 of the ‘Lost’ songs we wrote and demoed in the early to late nineties…There are also some very old demos of songs that we did release like Julius

Originally only available as a bundle with ‘The Salad Way’.

© Salad