The Lost Album Vol.1

Salad - The Lost Album Vol.1 cover art
17th November 2017
Three Bean Records


  1. Big Monkey Girl
  2. Cut And Cover
  3. Debonair
  4. Underwater
  5. Poor Peach
  6. Wonderful Face
  7. Lift
  8. Billy
  9. OK Again
  10. Paper Cup
  11. Els
  12. And This Night
  13. Wave
  14. Amsterdam

About the recording

The Salad Lost Album Vol.1 (Recordings 1996-1998)

Between 1995 and 1998, Salad recorded over 30 unreleased songs. Some of them were pretty glossy productions, made in ‘proper’ studios. Others were 4-track demos recorded at the rehearsal studio, some of which were then overdubbed at Marijne’s house.

Had Salad gone on to record another album after 1997’s Ice Cream instead of splitting up in 1998, lots of these songs would have been on it.

We’ve been sitting on what we have always referred to as the ‘Lost Album’ for 20 years, quietly sad that no one would ever hear these songs…well what do you know….it’s a thrill to be unleashing them at last.

Paul and Marijne

© Salad