Good Love Bad Love

27th April 2018
Salad Undressed
Three Bean Records
Producer: Donald Ross Skinner
Number of discs: 1

We have now released our long awaited Salad Undressed Album. BBC 6Music love it, fans love it, new comers to Salad, old and new love it. It’s an all rounder. As Mojo magazine put it, ‘It’s an unsentimental look at love’, good and bad. How refreshing we hear you say…well yes, we think so…you can check it out now on all reputable digital platforms, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Google Play etc…

Although Salad Undressed live are fairly acoustic, even though Paul play his Spanish classical guitar through a fuzz box, mostly, the album sounds like a full on Salad record. So don’t be fooled. 2 examples of the variety in sound are above…enjoy…

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