Drink Me

Salad - Drink Me
8th April 1995
Island Red
Producer: Mark Freegard
Number of discs: 1


  1. Motorbike To Heaven
  2. Drink The Elixir
  3. Granite Statue
  4. Machine Of Menace
  5. Overhear Me
  6. Shepherds’ Isle
  7. Muscleman
  8. Your Ma
  9. Warmth Of The Hearth
  10. Gertrude Campbell
  11. Nothing Happens
  12. No.1’s Cooking
  13. A Man With A Box
  14. Insomnia

About the recording

1995 saw the UK Top 20-charting Drink Me released. 14 tracks, 7 penned by Paul kennedy, handing over some of the writing reins over to both drummer Rob Wakeman (3 tracks) and singer Marijne van der Vlugt (4 tracks).

Photography: Martin Parr.
Design: DesignPig.

© Salad