Salad Undressed Album – Good Love Bad Love

Salad Undressed Good Love Bad Love album cover

Salad Undressed are recording an album of new material, Good Love Bad Love, and releasing it through PledgeMusic. But they need your help to finish the album….. and there are various goodies up for grabs. There will be a limited numbered edition of The Merry Babes demos on beautiful vinyl. These have never been heard by the world at large or small. For those of you not fully in the know, The Merry Babes was Paul & Marijne’s pre-Salad incarnation. Also….. there is a collection of over 30 unreleased Salad tracks that have been gathering dust since 1998, starting with Salad – The Lost Album Volume 1.

The release dates are staggered. The money raised will help us make the new Salad Undressed album and help get Salad firmly back on the music map…thank you for your support.

The Merry Babes – Aeroplane Sadness (demos 1987-90) – vinyl – released end of the Summer 2017

Salad – The Lost Album Volume 1 – all formats – released Autumn 2017

Salad Undressed album – Good Love Bad Love – all formats – released Winter 2017/18

All these recordings are available through PledgeMusic.

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